Nicky's Rantings and Ravings. (bloodandbubble) wrote in amarvelofatime,
Nicky's Rantings and Ravings.

A Marvel in time - Pan Marvel game


Life on Earth goes on like it always does, people in the most part in the dark that there's a storm brewing in the distance. They're so absorbed in their own little lives that it hits them like a ton of bricks, news that Humans aren't the only 'intelligent' life on the planet.

In various parts of the world there have been 'mutations' or advances in the genetic code that seperates man from beast. There's also government groups being formed with people with certain talents in order to protect the masses from these advances and beings from other worlds, on top of their own stupidity.

While there are groups dedicating themselves to help, there are also groups some with more power, setting themselves on controling the world and it's cattle like mentality.

Which side will you choose?

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